8 BALL SHIFTER - son of the atom / bone rattle - hanson (clamarama)

LAZY COWGIRLS - i'll tell you why
LOU REED - sweet jane - rock'n' roll animal (rca)
MOTORCASTER - straightfaced - stay loaded (interscope)
*HEAVY TIMES - erase the sun - jacker (hozac) 

*KING TUFF - unusual world - s/t (sub pop)
YARDBIRDS - turn into earth
LIMES - pop music - tarantula (goner)
CHARLIE ALDRICH - kinsey's book

*HUNX - private room - hairdresser blues (hardly art)
SUMMERCATS - christopher wren
VELVET UNDERGROUND - all tomorrow's parties
FLOTATION TOY WARNING - donald pleasence

ANJALI - seven x eight - the world of lady a (wiiija)
STEROID MAXIMUS - life in the greenhouse effect
*JEANS WILDER - maple bars - totally (everlasting)
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - the first time that i met you
POLKA DOT SLIM - a thing you got to face

*SUGARMAN 3 - witches boogaloo - what the world needs now (daptone)
MARIE QUEENIE LYONS - I'll drown in my own tears - soul fever
DETROIT COBRAS - putty in you hands
LOVE - she comes in colors
ORSON FAMILY - no one waits forever
*MARK COLLIE AND HIS RECKLESS COMPANIONS - dead man runs before he walks /rose colored garden - alive at brushy mountain 
CREAKY BOARDS - marvin's marvelous mechanical museum

*BRYAN CLARK AND THE NEW LYCEUM PLAYERS - walls of hell - southern intermission (rainfeather)   
999 - obsessed - personality crises
ETTES - alley cat
BEVIS FROND - don lang