Healing with the Angels: Nature

Attended a wonderful angel workshop this afternoon, so thought pulling a card from the Doreen Virtue deck Healing with the Angels was appropriate. Feeling good, but then, as I was getting ready to do this, (shuffling the deck, etc.) I got into a strange place energy wise -- including a slightly negative interaction with someone -- and everything felt off. I was trying to adjust my balance and continue on. The question was general: what do the angels have to share with us right now, to help heal? And Nature came up. From the book:

Nature. Spending time alone in nature is important for you. Even five minutes in a garden would be healing for you right now.
At first I wondered at this, I wanted something more pithy I guess, feeling the imbalance of energy as I was.  But it's not about what I want or expect the cards to say, it's what needs to be heard. Nature is all about energy and balance, as well as healing. This card is a reminder to spend time, no matter how short a period, in nature every day. Nature is real; the petty self-involved things of every day are not.  Let those things fall away as we allow ourselves to connect with Nature, including the Nature within us.