Anya is a Channel: The Corrections

From Anya's blog:
Anya is a Channel -- The Corrections:
So, in the course of human events (because even though every skeptic and their mother likes to think I'm supposed to be all-seeing, all-knowing, and 100% right all the time) I have to make some corrections to who was in attendance at the UFO researcher event in Bucks County, Pa. last fall. 

(Re: this post:

Three of the people on that list wound up not showing up. They were:

Dr. Steven Greer
George Noory
Richard Dolan

As an aside, I am friends with Rich and we have cleared up this misunderstanding. Everything's fine between us. He's really happy that we are friends and have cleared this up as well. The confusion came when it turned out to be a case of a simple scheduling error that had been made and he wound up not going, nothing more.

But OH MY GOD you would have thought I had murdered a puppy based on the response on Facebook!